8 Best E-commerce Development Companies for Small Business

Online retailing through various e-commerce websites has increased massively. Therefore, many industrial sectors are appointing e commerce development companies to generate qualified leads for their business. An e-commerce development company mainly keeps itself focused on the functional operations of a particular business. Hence, hiring them might appear to be helpful for small businesses also. As e-commerce developers have an intact insight on branding, web design, and search engine optimization strategy, they can build up a personal e-commerce website to boost your sales. 

However, an e commerce website developer helps to make your online retailing site attractive and fully functional. Besides, they include all the required items and features on your site to make it engaging and user-friendly. You can get more info here to best ecommerce developers

Now, let’s take a look at the top 8 e commerce Development companies for small businesses all over the world. 

8 Best E-commerce Development Companies for Small Business:-

There are thousands of e-commerce development companies available in the market at present. So, finding the best one of them is pretty tough to execute. However, we have included the top 8 names in this list depending on a few factors as mentioned below-

  • The complete focus on small business.
  • Companies charging less than $ 25 per hour. 
  • Dealing in projects with a budget similar to or less than $ 1000. 
  • Companies that belong to the United States mainly. 
  • Companies with at least 4-star or higher ratings. 

i) TOPS Info solutions

This e-Commerce development company belongs to Fremont, California, with almost 250 employees working here. They have specialties in e-Commerce application & shopping cart development, web design, and mobile application design, etc. 

ii) My Virtual teams

This company is located in Austin, Texas. The company has a group of 50 employees working here. They are famous for e-Commerce website design and graphic design, web application, and mobile apps optimization across the country. 

iii) QualiLogic 

QualiLogic is one of the renowned names in the section of top e-commerce development companies right now. The company has its main office situated in North ridge, California. They have a team of 10 experienced e-Commerce developers who have proficiency in website, mobile app, and e-commerce web page optimization. 

iv) Seguro Technologies

Seguro Technologies is reputed for developing user-friendly websites and mobile designs that can attract potential customers to access them. The rating of this company is pretty high due to its enhanced user experience and efficient website development for small businesses. The company has a team of 10-49 experienced designers who have sufficient experience in e-Commerce development. 

v) Urtasker

When you are talking about the best e-Commerce development companies, the name of Urtasker might appear first in your mind. The company belongs to Long Island, New York, with almost 50-249 staff working here. They have specialties in Amazon, Walmart, and eBay-like website development. Besides, they can execute online store and account management very well. 

vi) Rentech. Digital

Rentech. Digital is a well-known e-Commerce development company based in Brooklyn, New York. The company has a massive experience in e-Commerce, website, and mobile application developments. Besides, they have satisfied clients with their top-quality UI/UX and software developing activities. 

vii) Webixion Technologies

This company has expertise in web development, digital marketing, and mobile app development activities. Based in Delaware state, the company has been working with the e-Commerce website development with almost 50 employees.

viii) QualDev

Like other companies, QualDev is another renowned e-Commerce development company that one can hire for any small business. This New York-based company is well known for e-Commerce website design & development, search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, and branding activities. Besides, they have been working in the field of graphics designing and animation as well over the last decade.  

If you can not find the company you are looking for as per your criteria, look for more info here to best e-commerce developers. 

How does an e-Commerce development company help a small business?

An expert e-Commerce development company can cut down all the diversities of a small business by providing services to increase its online traffic and revenue. Although, it would be best to select an e-Commerce development company that charges relatively lower for their services than the expensive one, especially when you own a small business. Some efficient, budget-friendly e-Commerce development services you can get from reputed tech companies are as follows. 

  • E-commerce website development: Creating engaging and compelling websites, utilizing the advanced technologies and latest tools to provide smoother performance, enhanced security, user-friendly interface, and many more.
  • SEO techniques: Increasing your e-Commerce website’s online visibility in the major search engines by using the latest search engine optimization strategies to get qualified leads and boost sales. 
  • Pay-per-click advertising: Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising plays a vital role in generating revenues for small businesses. Hence, an expert e-Commerce development company can increase your sales by representing data-driven PPC ads.  
  • Payment option: The payment option is another crucial factor you should consider while developing an online website for your small business. These e-Commerce development companies can integrate popular payment gateways, shopping carts in your website so that buyers can comfortably and hassle-freely from you.  
  • Implementation of Chat-bot feature: An experienced e-Commerce developer can integrate an advanced AI chat-bot into your website to provide your customers with 24×7 customer care assistance. It will undoubtedly help you to increase the customer satisfaction and online reputation of your small start-up business. 
  • Data analytics: Data analytics helps you to monitor if your website is performing well on every device or not. Your website must be compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows to increase its customer engagement. Hence, an e-Commerce website development company makes use of data analytics to enhance the compatibility and performance of your e-Commerce website based upon metrics. 
  • Amazon Marketing Services: When you run a small business, you should prioritize your business to collaborate with major e-Commerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart. So, with the help of an e-Commerce development company, you can increase the visibility and sales of your business on those major online revenue-generating platforms. 
  • In modern days, the online presence is essential for every business, no matter how vast or small their capability is. Despite having so many advantages, lots of small businesses get themselves confused about hiring e-Commerce development companies. As per a source, 35% of small businesses do not want to afford the extra expenses of hiring a website development company. Others take it unnecessary as they lack the expertise of establishing and maintaining a website. 


Hopefully, now you have understood that it is beneficial to engage in e-Commerce online retailing nowadays. All you need is to increase your potential customers base and increase your sales for your business. The revenue a business is generating is the only decider of their success, no matter if they are “too small” or a large one. And, with the appropriate e-Commerce development company, you can shatter all the technical and cost barriers for sure. Click on the given link for more info here to best e-Commerce developers.



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