How to Become a Better Node js Developer in 2022?

As the whole world is turning into digital form, there is a huge demand for developers all around the world, from website developers to app developers. But one thing that is getting whole new attention to such an extent that it is currently recognized as one of the most important and in-demand jobs in the world. And that is Node JS development. The number of Node JS developers around the world has increased by over 2500% and is growing every single day.

But why Node JS development jobs are so much in demand, why companies around the world are hiring Node JS developers, and how you can utilize this opportunity and become a better Node JS developer in 2022? We are going to discuss it all in this article. And if you are running a company and require a Node JS developer, then check out this site about hire experience NodeJS developers.

What is so revolutionary about Node JS? As most people understand, Node JS is not a programming language and also not a framework. Node JS is an open-sourced system. It is also a server-side system. Node JS is operated on a JavaScript environment platform. 

It is a cross-platform runtime and an open-source environment that is mainly used for executing JavaScript code outside of a browser. Node Js is often used by developers to build Back-End services in web applications and mobile apps. 

The reason why Node JS is revolutionary is that over the past 20 years, websites were based on a request-response paradigm, but Node JS employs push technology over WebSockets. Now we have web applications that run in real-time and provide two-way connections where both the clients and server can exchange data freely. Node Js uses non-blocking and event-driven I/O which helps it to work efficiently for real-time applications that are data intensive.

Node Js offers a wide range of frameworks that helps the development team to implement great features in the application. While developing an application with different functionalities from zero level is a very hectic task. Node JS makes the job a lot easier for the developers to develop applications that have different features and functionalities and also work smoothly. 

Big companies like PayPal, Netflix, Walmart prefer using Node JS for web development.If you want to hire Node JS developers, then check out this site about hire experienced node js developer.

Key features of Node JS are: 

  • It is easy to start with Node Js and can be used for prototype development.
  • Node JS provides very fast services in code execution.
  • As it uses javascript, it is easier for javaScript programmers to build back-end services using Node Js.
  • Node Js is single-threaded and also very scalable.
  • Its non-blocking system creates one of the fastest environments for development.

There are some prerequisites to becoming a better Node JS developer. You must have good knowledge of JavaScript. If you have strong javascript knowledge, then you will require little time and effort to learn about Node JS as you have a strong base. Some of the other requirements before deciding to learn about Node JS are:

  • Having extensive knowledge about front-end development and front-end technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 is very important.
  • A basic understanding of other systems like Meteor and Express is very much appreciated.
  • Knowledge about what are asynchronous programs and how they function.
  • Have expertise in integrating multiple data sources into one system. 
  • One must have core knowledge of different operating devices like gulp, branch, etc.
  • Expert in code versioning tools like Git.

Now, these are some of the things one must do to become a better Node JS developer in 2022. 

  1. Wisely use typeScript features:  Though some people doubt it researchers have proven that Transcript prevents error. TypeScript comes with two exclusive features, one is type safety and the other is advanced design constructs. But problems with most of the teams are that they do not use Typescript thoughtfully. Without any proper planning, they start using interfaces, namespaces, generics, etc. They must be aware of whether using these tools will be the right choice for the project or not.

The reason behind this is the ‘Law of the instruments’ why developing teams are unaware of when their designs have shifted from vanilla javascript to fancy OOP. 

If you want to be a better node js developer, you need to be prepared very well before using transcript features. 

  1. Security is the main priority: In 2022, the number of malicious activities has increased rapidly. You can not just primarily depend on a static security scanner. You can not outsource your security protection to a third-party business as well. 

To become a good Node Js developer, you need to improve your security knowledge. For that, you can go through different vulnerable codes and attack instances.

  1. Use Ava and Jest as your testing toolbox:  The testing field is witnessing some revolutionary changes. Nothing satisfies the developers more than a modern testing tool. Mocha and Jasmine are losing their spot as the top testing tool as more advanced tools have arrived in the market. Their names are Jest and Ava.

With their modern testing technique now it is possible to test more and search for more bugs. These tools are much faster than the traditional testing tools as they follow a multi-process execution model. These testing tools not only have better results but also take less time to run.

Modern testing tools like Ava and Jest are designed to improve the coding experience of the developers. For example, if a test fails, Ava and Jest will not only report that a failure has occurred but also they will extract the errored code from the testing tool. This will help the developers to identify where the bug is. So, to be a good node JS developer, you need to be moving from those traditional tools and shifting to these modern testing toolboxes. Please check out this site about hire experience node js developer. They have the best Node JS developers who have all the knowledge of these tools.

  1. Get familiar with the latest JavaScript features: It is never beneficial to run after every new programming language feature that comes in the market. Sometimes these fancy toys do nothing but hamper the simplicity of the code. 

As Node JS is a running environment of JavaScript programming, you need to select those attractive new JavaScript features only that match your coding styles. Do not overcomplicate your code just to add some new fancy functions. This is how you can be a good Node JS developer.

  1. Experiment with different architectures:  As a node JS developer, you should not be limiting yourself to a single architecture. You will be exposed to many great techniques present in different paradigms only when you get out of your comfort zone and explore other architectures. An expert will not use the same screwdriver for different screws. You get the point, right?

To be a good Node JS developer, you need to acquaint yourself with different layered architectures like Hexagonal, onions, etc. Streaming style architectures are also getting popular nowadays. Get familiar with them too and enhance your expertise.

  1. Apply gradual deployment techniques: As a developer, nothing will boost your confidence as your deployment engines will do for you. They can catch the errors before users do. Different deployment techniques operate differently but their idea of operating is similar. 

If you want to be a Node JS expert in the future, then you have to make sure that you understand your deployment engines. Thus you will understand better how your system is operating. 

The value these techniques add is immense. Some of these gradual deployment techniques are Canary, feature flagging, etc that you can apply to be a better Node JS developer in 2022. These are not like traditional code testing which requires lots of effort. They test your code in a realistic environment. These techniques will encourage you to write better codes and be more efficient.

  1. Learn about Prometheus and ELK monitoring systems: As an aspiring Node JS developer, you should learn about Prometheus and ELK monitoring systems. There is a lot to learn for the developers by configuring these systems. The reason is when you participate as a developer, there is no efficient and ideal monitoring system.
  1. Use Machine Learning a black box’s product:  When you are a beginner as a Node JS

 Developer, then you have to depend on machine learning. Because machine learning will provide you with the necessary solutions when you are in need of them and we can do much better in it.

  1. Experiment better with the help of the Async toolbox:  In version 11.7, new equipment called the Async toolbox has been introduced. This tool is very useful in finding difficult blind spots in nodes. As a node JS developer, make good use of this pocket knife. 
  1.  Gather knowledge on Docker and Kubernetes: Docker makes it convenient for your app to be deployed on the cloud and Kubernetes makes it easier for the apps to be deployed on different servers. As an aspiring node js developer, you need to be in a position so that you can give consideration to the run-time production. And it will significantly impact your Node js coding decisions. 

By following these simple procedures, you can become a better node js developer in 2022. Now, let’s discuss some of the advantages of node JS.

  • Easily Scalable: Developers like to use Node JS as it is very easy to scale applications from both vertical and horizontal directions.
  • Real-time Application building: If someone is building normal web applications then Using PHP will take as much time as node JS. But when it comes to building real-time web applications like chat apps or gaming apps, developers prefer node JS as it provides faster synchronization.
  • Easy to learn: Node JS is not as complicated as it seems. Because it uses JavaScript. Anyone who has a basic understanding of JavaScript can easily learn and code on Node JS.
  • Fast Suite: Node JS runs on a G8 engine which is developed by GOOGLE. It has an in-build event loop that manages all the asynchronous operations. Thus Node JS works like a fast suite and all operations can be done very quickly.
  • Effective Caching: Caching is one of the key advantages of Node JS. It has immense power to cache data.  This feature doesn’t let the app bog down by historical data that has been created while executing and re-executing actions.
  • Queuing process of multiple requests: Node js has the tremendous capability of handling multiple actions at the same time. It offers a user non-block input-output system. In this system, priority is given to those requests who will require less response time. It maintains the queue on this basis. This technique speeds up the overall performance of the application.

But one thing we must reconsider. That is Node JS has multiple functionalities but it can not be used as a solution to every problem. There are some app development projects where Node Js is very useful but there are also some projects where it is not useful at all.

Where Node JS can be Used?

  • As node js works better for quick response, it can be used in building multiplayer games. Where users must need to communicate with other players and also need to perform some other functions at the same time. If you want to hire a node JS developer for this purpose,  check out this site about hire experience node js developer.
  • Node js can be used while building social media apps and other messaging apps as they are very lightweight. These apps can take full advantage of the features that Node js has to offer. 
  • If you are planning to develop an entertainment app, fitness app, or even educational app, then using Node JS can be a good option for you.

But if your app requires significant CPU processing, then Node JS is not the best option for you. Also, those apps that are already using HTML or CRUD can not expect the maximum benefits of Node JS. 

Hope you liked that information.


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