5 Workouts to Help You Sleep Better

Most of us are living an extremely busy life where we do not have enough time to take care of simple daily tasks like eating and going to sleep. As the working class is increasing and most people struggle to have full-time jobs you will notice the majority of the people juggling between multiple part-time gigs. Then eventually wake up early in the morning and have just enough time to get ready for work and by the end of the day they come back just to sleep. Even during the weekends when they have time to unwind, they usually have a lot of house chores to keep them busy. All these things might seem very normal but it takes out the necessary time that is required for you to help your body heal.

Experts believe that even if you do not offer your body enough time to heal, it will eventually heal when it goes to sleep. This means that sleeping is as important as eating or working out, however most of us either find it hard to sleep or our sleep quality is so bad that we wake up tired. This is so common that even kids and teenagers complain about sleep quality all the time. To make it easier to understand you need to keep in mind that sleep quality is quite different from insomnia or the inability to fall asleep.

What Is The Difference Between Insomnia And Restless Sleep?

With insomnia, you are either not getting enough sleep or you are not sleeping at all and so it will take a toll on your body and mind. On the contrary, if you look at restless sleep, you will notice that although you are going to the bed and going to sleep your body is not responding to sleep as much as it should. You are tossing and turning or you can detect the voices near you. Also, the sleep quality is so shallow that you are finding it hard to stay asleep for the whole night instead you make several kitchen tours or linger on the balcony.

Tip To Help You Sleep Better

There are so many ways that can help you in boosting the quality of your sleep. This is not just limited to just changing your diet or working out but also your lifestyle. Some of these tips include:

·         Drink one cup of lukewarm milk before going to sleep

·         Stay away from the phone for at least 30 minutes before going to bed

·         Workout so your body can get equally exhausted as your mind

·         Avoid nicotine, caffeine, or energy drinks throughout the day

·         Stick to a healthy and light dinner

·         Make sure your room is dark and doesn’t have any noise

·         Mediate before going to sleep

·         Avoid eating processed food and extremely spicy food right before going to bed

Best Exercises to Improve the Sleep Quality

·         Walking is a very fun workout that requires no equipment yet it will help you sync your body and mind together and eventually you will feel exhausted.

·         Cardio variations like push ups, pull-ups, crunches, and mountain climbers can be life-changing for your sleep quality as well.

·         Trying yoga has helped people especially if they find it hard to calm their nerves or they are very anxious throughout the day. The majority of people claim that their jobs are very stressful so they find it hard to sleep so yoga and meditation can be game changers for you.

·         stretching and flexibility training has proven to be ideal for sleep quality specifically if you feel aches and pains after a hard day at work.

·         Yoga poses like cow-cat pose, child pose, cobra pose, lower lunges, and then corps pose will gradually make you sleepy if you give them enough time.

How to Assemble the Workout for Better Sleep?

Experts believe that rather than going with a mix you should start with a cardio-based workout so that you can make your body exhausted enough that when you switch to yoga it becomes a relaxing workout. Eventually, this relaxing workout will help you navigate till the end when you become extremely exhausted that you will feel sleepy. Within sleep, there are different cycles so if you stay with the cardio workout you might only touch the first two cycles but with stretching, meditation, and yoga you will be able to enjoy better sleep quality.

Bottom Line

Although exercise is very important, without lifestyle change you cannot work on better sleep. Most people stay up late at night eating fast food or watching TV which all adds up and their sleep quality decreases. Moreover, when you keep telling your body that you do not have enough time to sleep, your brain stays awake and you will feel like it’s time to wake up. In short, when going to sleep meditate as much as possible this will help you relax and your sleep quality will be much better. This will also help you trigger sleep faster so you will not find it hard to sleep at all.


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