How to Get Hire In Oil and Gas Industry In UAE

The oil and gas industry remains one of the most prominent sectors in the UAE. Where everyone is trying to get into this industry because of the huge demand for oil and gas in today’s life. The oil and gas industry covers a large part of the world’s economy. As prices of oil and gas are booming in parts of India where people are finding it tough to buy and refill their tanks. Most of the oil and gas are produced in the UAE and everyone wants to be a part of this sector as it pays you well. 

Discover here leading Dubai oil and gas recruiting agencies where you can get hired. How can one get hired in the oil and gas industry in the UAE? To find a company that is hiring candidates and getting selected is quite a challenging task. You need experience and skills with some good network connections to get hired. 


Finding a new job is tough and when it comes to oil and gas companies it’s even tougher because of the competition. There are already talented candidates in line waiting to get hired. So, how can you get hired in an oil and gas company? The first thing you need to do is expand your network. Networking can help you to connect anywhere easily. 

Find people who are already working in this sector, talk, and get more information on how to get hired. Sometimes references can also get you a job. If you get referred by someone, hiring becomes easy. 

Work Skills

Hiring agencies are quite specific about the skills they require from a candidate. They know what they are looking for and will only choose those candidates who fit the role. You have to work on your skills and need to polish them if you want some oil and gas company in UAE to hire you. 

There are various fields of work in oil and gas companies. You need to find your interest and keep working on it to get better. Work and gain experience UAE companies are looking for experienced candidates. 

Wonderful CV

Wherever you will be applying for a job CV is mandatory. The first thing a hiring agent will go through is your CV. That’s where you can win or lose the game. Most candidates get selected or get rejected on their CV basis. The meaning here is you need to stand out from most of the crowd to attract the attention of the hiring agent. Hiring agents won’t be looking at all the CVs they are going to receive. 

You need to create your CV in such a way that it will attract the attention of your CV. Update all the details and skills you have. Be honest with your work experience. 

Online Portfolio

Not just your CV but you also need to update your online portfolio. Stay updated on social media and connect with all the companies and their recruiters. Stay in touch with the company’s updates that will help you to find the job you are looking for. Companies might ask you about what you know of their company. You need to stay updated. Visit their websites, make your account on social media and share information about yourself. 

Many recruiters will be looking at your online profile before they start any further procedure of hiring you. Update your LinkedIn profile and stay connected with the companies. 

Practice for Interviews

The finale of getting hired in any company is through interviews. You need to give 100% in your interviews. Prepare yourself for the interview. You need to be confident while giving interviews. The interviewer will be asking you different questions about your past and future plan. How you can help their company to grow. Your skills and experiences and a lot more. You need to answer all the questions honestly and present yourself in such a way that the company can’t reject you. 

Keep working on yourself and know more about a company’s hiring process. Ask for help from your friends or colleagues. 

Keep Trying

Getting into an oil and gas company is not easy because of the competition in the market. But there are also huge demands of clients in the oil and gas industry. You need to keep trying to find a job in an oil and gas company in the UAE. The more you know the better the chances of getting hired in a company. 

Keep improving your skills and gain more experience with your work. Train yourself. Some companies also provide training to their candidates before hiring them. 


Finding and getting hired in an oil and gas company in UAE can be a huge task to discover here leading Dubai oil and gas recruiting agencies where you can connect and get hired. Looking for references and knowing more people can make it easier for you to get a job in the UAE in some oil and gas industries.


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