Ordering Chenille Patches On a Budget

Chenille Patches

Since they make a statement, chenille patches are among the most alluring choices for personalizing apparel and accessories. Chenille patches can be used for a variety of projects, from the ever-popular letterman coats to fabric totes in need of a creative makeover, all with endearing results!

You’ve decided to purchase chenille patches, but your budget is constrained. How can one affordably obtain chenille patches?

Depending on a variety of circumstances, you may receive a cheaper or higher quotation for your design. Making a few wise decisions will allow you to get chenille patches on a budget without sacrificing quality or aesthetics in order to save overall prices!

A Quick Guide To Low-Cost Chenille Patches

Whether they’re huge, colorful patches on motorcycle club jackets or simple logo patches for sports team jerseys, chenille patches are visual candy. Chenille patches allow you to fully express your brand identity. Even on a tight budget, there’s no reason why you can’t purchase these for personal or branding purposes.

These are a few easy steps to turn your favorite design into lovely chenille patches.

Easy Shapes To Win

Manufacturers of chenille patches no minimum, or any other form of patch, have advanced to the point that they can now produce patches in a variety of shapes, including curves and hexagons.

If you’re on a tight budget, though, you might want to consider going with simpler forms unless intricate borders are required. When ordering chenille patches, shapes like circles, ovals, squares, and rectangles can help keep your estimate low because they need less time and work to manufacture when they are made with fewer edges and curves.

Reduced Colors = Smaller Phrase

It should go without saying that greater prices correspond with more hues, and vice versa.

The good news is that fewer colors have a greater impact when ordering chenille patches than more colors. Chenille patches have a very distinctive texture that resembles a rug. Chenille patches are the best option for you because of this. The threads are a little bit more “scattered” than in conventional stitched patches, and a messier design could result from using additional colors.

Conversely, using fewer colors highlights the brilliance of your design and helps you achieve your financial goal. Choose a combination of colors that go well together because you only have so many to deal with, especially if you want to draw attention to a word or symbol in your logo.

Don’t Oversize the Patch

The price increases with patch size. Cutting the size even a few millimeters may result in a significant cost reduction, making it easy to purchase chenille patches on a budget.

It makes sense that when getting chenille patches for letterman or biker jackets, you would want to order a larger size. But tiny patches offer just as much pizzazz when they’re used on caps, bags, front of clothing, and other typical mediums.

Your patch should be just the right size to be readable and seen at a close range. Because of its distinctively vibrant appearance, chenille patches can be sized down without sacrificing impact!

Make Sure Your Design Is Correct

After a sample is generated, patch makers typically provide the customer the opportunity to make a few changes—with a focus on a “few.” You can be required to pay additional fees if, too late in the process, you decide to change the majority of the patch design.

Therefore, before you get chenille patches on a budget, make sure.

A digital copy of the patch will be sent to you after the design is submitted. This is essentially an illustration of how your design would seem when it is made of yarn. You can also make adjustments at this point without incurring additional fees.

Avoid Other Additional Charges

  • When ordering chenille patches, there are several ways that the cost of the patches could increase; the objective is to steer clear of these.
  • Select a backing for chenille patches that is less expensive overall. You can use any type of backing for these patches, including Velcro, iron-on, and sew-on due to their material and texture.
  • Which backing would you like at a lower cost? For example, iron-on backing could be more expensive, but later on, your total cost might increase if you want to have sew-on patches professionally done. Applying iron-on patches is simple; see How To Iron On Chenille Patches.
  • Steer clear of ordering in a hurry as expedited shipping is more expensive. Make sure the order delivery date is assigned earlier and be aware of when you will need your patches.
  • Purchasing chenille patches from manufacturers who work with a delivery service that charges less is another option to save shipping expenses.
  • If money is tight, don’t bother adding extras like metallic threads or an embroidered border, even though they might seem nice.

Discounts for Large Orders

If you’re on a tight budget, you might need to get more chenille patches in order to lower the average cost.

A wise approach to finding inexpensive patches starts with price comparison shopping. Choose a chenille patch manufacturer who offers affordable prices without sacrificing quality. Find out what their minimum order quantity is as well. If you require sports chenille patches for a letterman jacket, extracurricular school club patches, or any other reason, a low minimum limit is a great incentive.

Next, attempt to fulfill the order minimum. Increase the quantity if ordering a few more patches is necessary to achieve the minimum (unless you feel these patches may go to waste).


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