Step By Step Guide on How To Start Ghost Commerce

In these modern times, digital marketing has become a new norm. Every single person knows the importance of digital marketing and how this industry has been growing over the years. You can generate revenue from online content. There are different ways to earn revenue but one such way is to opt for Ghost Commerce. This commerce has gained considerable popularity in a short span of time. The rise of social media popularity and change in preference towards online shopping has been the main reason for its popularity. 

Different influencers and content creators like to sell products and services through their content. This has been a huge hit in the ghost commerce industry. You can easily earn passive income by promoting your products and services on your social media platforms. People generally don’t know how to start Ghost Commerce. Here are step-by-step guides on how to start ghost commerce

Ultimate Guide to Ghost Commerce

Step 1:

Find Your Niche. Do Your Market Research

Doing your market research is extremely important before starting your business. You should know who your target audience and what is your niche. Comprehensive research is the key to starting your ghost commerce. You can use online tools like Google Trends and SEMrush to learn about your target audience. 

Step 2:

Select A Platform to Promote:

The scalability of your business is very important. To have a successful venture, you need select your platforms mindfully. Having a thorough knowledge of social media is an important factor in budgeting. The platform must have attributes like scalability, user-friendliness, and integration capabilities. Social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. must be kept in consideration. Get a suitable budget and then assess your needs accordingly. 

Step 3:

Start Building Your Own Website:

The next step after going through research and choosing your preferred platform is to build a website. It’s extremely important to build your own personal eCommerce website. You can choose for platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce. Important things to consider while building your website is to make sure that it’s user-friendly. Information must be thoroughly placed, and contact details must be there to keep it simple. 

Step 4:

Launch Your Website:

Launching your website is the next important step in starting your Ghost Commerce. This step will enable your users to view, interact and purchase from the website. Whenever someone visits your website, clicks on any product or purchases from the website, you will make your first income. Digital marketing, SEO, and email marketing helps in attracting the attention of customers. You can easily keep people’s attention to your website through Ads. 

Step 5:

Optimize Your Website for Work:

Building and launching the website is not enough in Ghost Commerce. You need to monetize your website thoroughly and look for areas that need improvements. This optimization will give you insights about traffic resources, website analytics, and conversion rates. Make sure you are consistently monitoring your websites for improvement and better performance. 

Important Factors to Consider:

  • Being Transparent About Your Brand: Its extremely important to be transparent with your audience. You should openly tell your audience about the affiliation and brands that you are endorsing. This creates a healthy relationship with your audience making it safer for them to trust your website. 
  • Having Legal Compliance: This industry of Ghost Commerce protects the identity of the seller, but it is extremely important to have legal compliance. This will help in protecting consumer rights and protecting the personal information of the customer. 
  • Proper Brand Alignment: Before selling through your website, organizing your stuff according to the broad categories is of utmost importance. No one likes to go through a scattered website. Keep your website super organized and make it easier for the customers who visit it. There are just simple tricks that you can follow to make your website look chic and updated. 
  • Be Authentic with Your Audience: Online websites need to be authentic if they want to grow in the future run. In this Ghost Commerce industry, no one really knows who the seller is. Having said that, it is crucial to ensure that your products or services that are being sold are genuine and authentic. 


Ghost Commerce has become a new thing in the Digital Marketing field. People genuinely earn money through this quite impressive field. An extra income while having your niche in place, proper market research and building our own website, are one of the few steps in starting your Ghost Commerce. If you are someone who wants to make money through social media platforms, this thing will work well for your career. You consider important factors like transparency, legal compliance, brand alignment and authenticity in check before building your website. Being honest with your customers and having value for money is extremely important.


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