Why Buy American-Made Hotel Furniture?

Most think a lot before purchasing food, clothes, and gadgets. People ensure that the product purchased or food is sustainably sourced or that chemicals are used to make toothpaste or perfume. Usually, it is human nature to ensure that products are organic, chemical – free and safe for our families and us. So, buying hospitality furniture in a hotel deserves similar considerations. 

It is a duty to ask questions like is the furniture is responsibly manufactured. Do the manufacturers pay workers a fair salary, make working conditions good and invest in the local community? But one thing is sure all the answers to this question will be yes if you purchase American-made furniture. However, selecting American-made hotel furniture over overseas is a great choice. Or, the hotel owner indirectly contributes to the American economy and workers’ wealth. 

Significant Reasons to Choose American-made Hotel Furniture

There are various reasons to choose custom hospitality furniture, so it is worth considering while starting or renovating furniture. 

1. Support to American Economy

We live in a global economy. Thus, buying American-made hotel furniture helps the US economy to grow. However, money invested in American furniture not only supports the American economy but also supports American employees. The companies operating in the USA abide by specific labor laws, which means employees are not mistreated and are liable to pay fair wages. 

In the current scenario, most American companies not only provide fantastic employee benefits and even give back to their local communities through volunteer work or financial aid. 

2.  Environmental Impact is Reduced

In the United States, per Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) regulates the usage of new and existing chemicals. Also, it includes the toxic flame retardant chemical often discovered in imported furniture. The fire retardants are mixed with furniture containing flammable polyurethane foam. Like, as couches, carpet padding, futons, and upholstered chairs. 

Several health effects of flame retardants include:

  • Congenital disabilities
  • Cancer
  • Fertility problems
  • Hormone imbalance

Thus, overall the furniture should not pose a threat to guest health and safety.

 3. Clear Communication Provides Better Results

When you purchase hospitality furniture thus, selecting the right piece in the correct size for the room is crucial to your success. Besides this, there are various other things to consider, including furniture styles, finishes, hardware, and dimensions. An American company is likelier than an offshore manufacturer to have first-hand knowledge of customer needs and preferences. They can also communicate in real-time about orders and may even send someone to visit the hotel personally, enabling you to determine what you need. 

However, if you find any difficulty along the way, there is the probability of getting a quick response and resolution company located in the USA. 

4. Quality and Safety 

Products produced in America are often constructed to meet third-party standard quality and safety standards. Therefore, when manufactured obtain third-party certifications, it ensures customers that products are evaluated by independent organizations and not by people selling and purchasing them. However, these standards will ensure that companies across the USA maintain a similar level of quality and safety that protects the buyer. 

The certification means that separate organizations looked at the furniture or equipment you buy and agreed that it meets outstanding standards. 

5. Factory Provided Storage 

With a domestic partner (who can manage volume production), you can have what you require and what you need and deliver it similarly when you require it. This yields enormous workforce and savings cost. How? You can unload, store and manage furniture again to bring it into the room. Money, time, and headache are saved when one person is manufacturing, shipping, and installing furniture.

6. Quick Turnaround for Replacement Cost

Accidents, wear, and tear can occur in an industrial environment, and sometimes needs replacement parts for your furniture. A surface gets nicked, or the drawer comes unhinged. Working with manufacturers based in the United States minimizes the requirement to wait weeks to receive new parts so that your staff can get back to work efficiently. With custom hospitality furniture, replacement parts are readily available and can be evenly distributed for quick and easy repairs. 

7. Re-Ordering is Made Simpler

If any hotelier wants to place a re-order due to guest abuse of furniture, wear and tear or modern design consideration – it will be much easier with a company that has become a true partner in your needs. The company will retain all engineering drawings, so reproducing small volumes is easier when you don’t have to worry about overseas headaches. 

8. Marketing Benefits

Made-in-USA products will continue to be a strong marketing message that customers look to preserve US jobs and enhance the local economy; when you select a USA manufacturer for hotel furniture, you can display it in your marketing material. However, the customers are also inclined to choose a company that sources its material locally rather than overseas. 


The front cost of buying American-made hotel furniture may seem costlier, but the decision will cost you much in the long run. Sara Hospitality manufactures all its products in America, produces all furniture with perfect materials, and complies with US regulations.


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