What Are The Best Graphic Design Software For Newbies?

For many eCommerce websites, having a user-friendly interface is a great way to enhance the user experience. But to achieve such results they need to know a few basic strategies to improve their web features. Many business owners instead hire a web designer or expert to optimize their website in both internal and external platforms. Having your website legible in different channels and mediums is an important aspect to consider as people are more reliant on their mobile phones and devices. Being vigilant on what the consumers use and consume is the first step to successful business growth.

Graphic designers are professionals who deal with producing various digital content with the use of typography, design elements and visual aesthetics. The graphic software and tools used are the most important part of being a good graphic designer. They are mostly hired to develop social media content, website design and for developing brand image online and offline through visual content. Many companies want graphic designer services because the market today demands visually appealing designs and packaging.

Having the right tools of making wonderful graphics is the first step to being a successful professional. You should know how these tools and software work in order to make the best result. Most of the software available online are free for beginners to use, the more complex ones are usually to be bought online, they have monthly plans too. The mentioned graphic software are best considered for beginners,

  1. Adobe Creative Suite

The whole Adobe category of software are used in professional fields and context because it was made for industrial services. Many universities too include these softwares as electives because of how often they are used in companies and businesses. The Adobe Creative Suite is a lot more standard than the other softwares in store because it comprises applications – Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and so on. Most job descriptions mention a bunch of these applications for eligibility. There are different deals available for your convenience, for students and teachers the monthly plan is a lot less.

  1. GIMP

This is the most popular application that is free and is a lot similar to Photoshop. GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program operates in Mac, Windows, Linux. The software has a number of editing features and tools, the user interface is simple and easy to use. You can also create artworks, icons, logos and other graphic elements with the use of layerings, masking, and so much more! It’s import and export features are also exceptional. It supports a variety of file formats, from popular ones to uncommon ones.

  1. Inkscape

Inkscape is a vector graphic editor which is a great alternative to Adobe Illustrator. It is free and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. The features and tools are easy to use and are used to make logos, web design and print. Many tools in this software ranges from image manipulation, fill and stroke, operations on paths, formatting texts and editing. The cloning tool is especially handy with its varied options in changing size and width of the selected object. It also has useful importing and exporting settings and can do so for common file formats.

There are also tutorials online for beginners on how to create simple logos.

  • Affinity

This software is a newcomer to the graphic design softwares in store, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are both of the same brands. The former deals with editing photos whereas the latter deals with vector graphic designs, it is useful for concept art, print projects, making icons, and so on. Vector-based graphics are scalable unlike pixel-based graphics and so it is especially convenient for printing. Affinity has a fast performance rate despite the size and layers of your work. Another benefit is that it is customizable according to the user. It has advanced features such as advanced control in layers, the undo option is feasible up to 8,000 steps, and file compatibility. However, this software is not free and costs $50 for each of application.

  • Sketch

Although this software is only compatible with Mac, it has quickly grown popular among many developers in the design industry. It is a vector editor software whose use is popular in developing applications with high user interface, web and app design. The sketch is a close relative to Illustrator and Photoshop. Its features include supporting multiple artboards and pages. Users can use repeated symbols, icons and styles which are updated over a short period of time, maintain the shape of the vector even when merging and editing takes place. It is not a photo editing software and is not the best tool for print projects. It is not free and costs $100. It is a pretty good deal considering the unique features it offers.

Additional Pointers

●  Having a proper setup is also important during your practices, make sure you get the best external or internal tools. You can either go for drawing tablets which are typically external hardware or get large touch screen devices like Mac or Ipad. Some of these softwares are compatible with Windows whereas others are only available for IPad and Mac. According to your budget and convenience, pick out one of the options to get started with graphic design softwares.

●  On a personal level, a touch screen device with its own digital pen is convenient as it is a lot familiar with traditional drawing plus you get to see your lines on the same screen, unlike the external tablet where you’ll have to face the monitor to see the work in progress.

● Starting a channel or account devoted to your practices is a lot of fun to experiment with, you get to built your own collection of artwork and see the progress as your skills gradually improve. You can also build your design portfolio on the sidelines as you slowly fill your channel or account with personal projects.


There are free and paid courses to learn this software, the internet has a lot of learning sources. Many creators also share their own experiences, tips, walkthroughs and shortcuts on mastering certain design techniques and concepts. The mentioned software have tutorials and walkthroughs, including lessons on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram in the form of videos or reels. 

For business owners who want graphic design services for their content making and marketing, look for graphic designers who freelance as well since the charge isn’t always fixed and mostly depends on the complexity of the workload.

To become a professional Graphic designer, you obviously need the basic knowledge of the field and skills required to make good content. Joining graphic design forums and communities also help curb your networks and learnings.


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